Thursday, August 3, 2006

The Perth Dead Person's Society

While Googling certain phrases, I came upon the Perth Dead Person's society web site (don't ask me what I Googled...). They are a genealogy society...

Clicking on the buttons in the left frame gives you info on the society, the members, etc.

Clicking on the "Humour" button revealed about 20 pages of jokes, sayings, etc. Some of them were genealogy humour items. My favorite one is:

The Young Genealogist

Have you heard about the keen young genealogist? He spent his weekends tramping through graveyards, and visiting archive offices, and spent his weekdays working in an office building.

One day a new young woman started work in his office, and he was smitten by her. He started talking to her at every available opportunity, and finally convinced her to go a restaurant with him after work. They spent a nice evening eating and drinking, and ended up back at her place.

Well, the next thing you know it's midnight and he jumps out of her bed, saying "My wife will be wondering where I am!" While driving home he's wondering what to do when he gets there. He parks the car in the driveway, gets his dirty boots and clipboard out of the boot, rubs his face in some bushes to scratch it up a bit, then sneaks into the house. His wife is still awake, waiting for him, and says, in a tone to freeze the blood, "Where have YOU been?!"

He sighs - "Well dear, I met this attractive young woman at work, went out to dinner with her, and the next thing you know we're in bed together..."

"Don't you lie to me you @!#$@!#$, you've been to that bloody cemetery again haven't you?"

Ah, the exuberance of youth.

I like the Perth DPS site! It's Gene-amusing.

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