Tuesday, August 1, 2006

What Celebrity Looks Like You?

There is an interesting web site that provides the celebrities that look like you at www.MyHeritage.com. You have to upload a picture of yourself (or someone you want to surprise with this news), then press the button "Run face recognition."

Your results depend upon the facial features shown in your picture - hairline, eye width, jaw protrusion, eyebrows, ears, nose shape, etc.

Using my blog photo, my #1 match was Allen Ginsburg (the pornographer?) at 64% (the beard and bald head?). I also look like Kylie Minogue (64%), Colin Powell (62%), Alan Baldwin (61%), Beyonce Knowles (60%), Benoit Mandelbrott (59%), Ozzy Osbourne (58%), Darius Mihaud (54%), Cameron Diaz (54%) and Edmund Stolber (51%). I must admit to mystification concerning the young ladies (are they going to look like I do now in 30 years? Heaven forbid!), but I will look at each of them more closely to see if I can see the likeness. Maybe they are distant cousins? I could do research on this, I guess, after I find Annie Moore (yeah, that'll be the day!). I know that my chest size is bigger than theirs.

Now I need to try my wife, my daughters and my grandchildren to see who they look like. Maybe the mailman visited more often than I thought.

It appears that this MyHeritage site wants people to sign up for a family web site. Good come-on, though. Give the face recognition thing a try.

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