Thursday, August 3, 2006

What were their parents thinking?

Over on the Black-Sheep-L mailing list at Rootsweb there was a "roll call" of sorts - the question was "what is the strangest given name in your records?" There were plenty of entries, including these (with surnames in parentheses):

Lobbydew (Easter)
Mahershalalbaz (Dyer)
Versey Venus (Howell)
Gool (Williams)
Jappie Jay (Holcomb)
Strangeman (Stanley)
Styleman (Jordan)
Plain Beaver Face (Washakie)
Philantheatra (Farnsworth?)
Rocksalonia (Farnsworth?)
Hotley (Farnsworth?)
Donegly (Farnsworth?)
Algae (Farnsworth?)
Arphaxed (Farnsworth?)

The last 6 were found by Janice Farnsworth in the book "Farnsworth Memorial," but she isn't sure they were all Farnsworth surname.

There were many other strange or curious given names submitted by the listers, but these struck my funny bone.

So what were their parents thinking? Or were they?

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