Tuesday, October 3, 2006

9th Carnival of Genealogy is Up - Genealogy Vacations

The 9th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy was posted by Jasia at her Creative Gene blog here. As always, she does a nice job of writing this up.

There are two benefits to these Carnivals of Genealogy:

1) The knowledge and experience that they impart to the reader - I enjoy the content of the posts tremendously, and learn a lot from many of them.

2) The new genealogy blogs that are uncovered in the process.

This latest Carnival introduced at least 3 genealogy blogs new to me - Cindy's "JoMC 711" blog, Cat's "Genealogy - Diggin' Up Dirt" blog, "Bob and Reb's Genealogy Blog" on the Orrell family, and Julie's "Fresh Air" blog (note that she has a "Roots" section which has some family history posts).

Note that Cindy's and Julie's blogs are not 100% genealogy, but family history are part of their blogging life.

The really neat thing is that each genealogy blog is different from the others.

The next Carnival of Genealogy will be about Tombstones. If you have blogged about them in the past, please read Jasia's article for information and then submit them here.

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Jasia said...

This is one of the best parts about putting the Carnivals together... discovering new genealogy bloggers! You're absolutely right Randy, each and every blog is so different but yet we all seem to share the same research challenges and triumphs. It's so fun to explore new blogs!