Tuesday, October 3, 2006

My hopes were so high...

You might ask "your hopes were so high for what?" It's a good and logical question.

I was disappointed but not surprised that so few people showed up for the Chat last night on GenealogyForum.org (although I appreciate the ones that did, and asked good questions). My hopes were muted - and realistic, I think.

I found so much data on my recent research project for my Westford MA friend. My hopes were not high that I would find more without doing the hard work in actual English Civil Registration and parish records.

I'm having trouble finding speakers for next year for CVGS. My hopes are high here, but I'm not even halfway done.

My hopes were high that my beloved San Diego Padres (who go to the World Series about every 14 years - we're due again in 2012, but I hoped it would come earlier) could handily defeat the St Louis Cardinals in the NL division series. The Pads lost the 2005 division series to the Cards 3-0, but the Pads won the regular season series 4-2 in 2006.

Linda and I attended the game today - decked out in our Padres regalia, swinging the shillelagh (the Pads version of the rally stick), and cheering our team on. It worked for 3 innings, until Pujols cracked a homer and we lost 5-1. Chris Carpenter is an excellent pitcher. It was very depressing. I'm over it now. I almost didn't want to blog tonight, but I thought I'd better, otherwise you all would think I went on vacation again.

We still have high hopes of a Pads win of the division series. It can happen. I know Joe Beine is laughing his head off right about now - he's a Cardinal fan. We'll see who laughs last here...

Anyway, that's why Genea-Musings has been silent all day today.

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Jasia said...

I share your disappointment Randy. Our Detroit Tigers (who aren't exactly playoff regulars either) lost last night too :-(