Saturday, October 7, 2006

Genea-blogging is light everywhere

Genea-Musing has been light these last two days for me - life has intervened and made me make choices to:

1) Work on the "Discover Your Family History Day" workshop that Chula Vista Gen Society has planned for October 14th. This is a community outreach to invite families to discover their ancestry. The planning is almost complete - we have our members trained as mentors, the publicity is out, some signups have occurred, and we just need to make it happen on the day of the event. But it has taken hours of my time, and that of others.

2) We sent the workshop press release to the local weekly newspaper, and I was contacted by a reporter. He wanted more details - so I spent two hours answering typical questions via email. It took time, but hopefully it was worth it. If it runs, I will link to it in a separate post.

3) On Friday night, we went to dinner and attended a play at Lamb's Players Theater in Coronado with our good friends, Ed and Carolyn. It was an enjoyable evening, but left no time to blog.

4) I made an appointment for car maintenance on Saturday morning, so had to get it down to the Valley by 10 AM. Linda picked me up, and we had a nice lunch at a local sports bar/pizza restaurant. Of course, we had to watch MY Padres win a playoff game 3 - 1 over the Cardinals (finally!). Hope still springs eternal, but it didn't get me near the computer until 3 PM.

5) Tonight we are off to a 70th birthday party for our friend, Cora. So no genea-blogging tonight either, I think.

6) On Sunday, after early church, the Padres game is on at either 10 AM or 1:30 PM, and the Chargers game is on at 5 PM. Will I be genea-blogging? Probably not...until the games are over!

Finally, it's not as if I'm the only one not genea-blogging, is it? Check out the blogroll and see if you can find many with more than one post since Friday.

If you absolutely HAVE to get your Genea-Musing fix, try reading some of the Archives - there's a whole month of musings there for your enjoyment.

Thanks for reading - I do appreciate your comments.

UPDATE (Sunday, 10/8, 1 PM):

Who knew that the Yankees would lose to the Tigers or the Dodgers to the Mets and end their series? So my Padres are on at 5 PM Pacific tonight, which left me lots of time this morning and afternoon for a couple of blog posts and a nap. Go Pads!!

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