Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking back - 2006 genealogy activities

We can often learn from reviewing what we've done before. I didn't set New Years resolutions last year, so I can't compare my results to my expectations. Over the months of 2006, my genealogy effort has accomplished:

1) Found probate records for ancestors in colonial Bristol County MA and some Rhode Island towns - copied from microfilm and entered into my ancestral database.

2) Added text notes and VR data for some ancestral families based on data collected previously.

3) Added text notes and data obtained from Ancestry databases (newspaper, military, passenger lists, etc) for my Seaver database. Also started to standardize my notes and sources in the Seaver database.

4) Performed basic online research for four close friends and provided a genealogy report of the findings.

5) Conducted 10 research group meetings for CVGS - each with a brief lesson, then open discussion of members problems or successes. Led 4 research trips of CVGS members to local repositories, and consulted with members.

6) Planned and executed 12 monthly programs for CVGS - arranging speakers, doing publicity, etc.

7) Planned and executed the "Discover Your Family History Day" on 14 October in conjunction with the CV library - intended to draw community interest in genealogy. We discovered a lot of talent in our members and put it to use as organizers and mentors!

8) Prepared and presented three genealogy talks to local societies

9) Subscribed to in November - now I can do more research at home and spend my time at the FHC viewing more films.

10) Created the 19th yearly edition of the Seaver-Richmond Family Journal - a 16 page family newsletter sent to family members.

11) Spent too much time reading blogs and posting on Genea-Musings and not enough time researching, inputting data to the databases, and going to repositories.

In order to create more free time, I retired from my part-time job and stopped watching so much evening TV (I'm down to Padres baseball, Desperate Housewives, ER, and 24).

On to 2007 - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!

PS. And why am I posting at 9 PM PST when I should be out partying? Dedication, right? Nope - I caught the grandson's crud this week and am home all doped up while my wife parties with the church group.


Anonymous said...

Hey Randy... I fell asleep at 11:53pm cause I was just too tired to stay awake and welcome the new year. Yes I caught something from the kids over the holidays. I think I should invest in a tissue company. LOL

I noticed you have limited your TV watching, so have I am down to CSI:Miami and I still don't have time for all the research and entering stuff into the database that needs to be done LOL

Well I wish you luck with everything on you 2007 list of genealogy things to do. And may you definitely have more time with Linda and the grandkids...since family is WHY we do this!

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