Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Excellent article about genealogy research

There's a great article published yesterday in the The Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon titled "Internet a Vast Playground for Amateur Genealogists: Getting to Your Roots" by Mark Baker - the link is here.

The article has two major sections- "Getting Started" and "Playing Detective." There are several interesting quotes from local genealogists about their interesting ancestors, the use of the FHC and using the Internet for research. All in all, it's a great article - a model for any genealogical society that wants publicity in the local newspaper. All you have to do is find the interesting ancestors that your members can talk about!

There is a minor error in the article - can someone spot it?


Drew Smith said...

Such as leaving out "of Jesus Christ" in the proper name of the LDS Church in the fourth paragraph?

Anonymous said...

Another minor error was the statement in the article that users of the Family History Center can order ANY microfilm they like from the Family History Library. There are certain microfilm rolls that for one reason or another cannot be borrowed from the Family History Library. Microfilm rolls that do not circulate are thus identified in the Family History Library Catalog (accessible via familysearch.org).

Anonymous said...

How about the one about searching ALL the US census back to 1790... if I could get a hold of the 1890 census I would have it made like ice cream in the snow! And ALL doesn't that imply thru 2000? Some folks after reading that will be very disappointed and might feel mislead.