Monday, January 1, 2007

Della's Journal - January 1 to 7, 1929

This is Installment 1 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother. The "players" and "setting" are described here.


Tuesday, January 1, warm. Lyle's went to country, Gene to horse races in TiaJuana, he got back to town at 7 PM came home before 12, met a man from home. I went out to Mrs. Garlock's in afternoon.

Wednesday, January 2, warm. Ma washed, Gene went to town, home by 6 PM, showed him pictures and visited Lyle over a while. Betty sick this A.M, but better rest of day. Emily worked, Ma wrote to Mrs. Moorland.

Thursday, January 3, cloudy. Emily worked. Betty went to school. I gave Lyle two checks for him to buy stock in Marston's. Gene & I took our lunch and went to Coronado then to Rockwell field, then to Naval Training Station, Ocean Beach, Old Town & Mission Hills then home. Ma had letter from Mrs. Sample.

Friday, January 4. Gene started for Long Beach. Emily worked. I did not feel very well so did not work much.

Saturday, January 5. Emily worked. Ma worked on fig tree. I did not do much. A went downtown then got groceries. I sent Pros. Bank $3.00 Post Office order.

Sunday, January 6. We did not go out much. Lyle's stayed at home & worked on the place. Mrs. Auble's cold bad others better.

Monday, January 7, pleasant. I washed. In afternoon I went out to Mrs. Schmidt. She rented house Sat. we got her letter and check for $20 this AM. People moved in Sat. the 5th a young married couple. Emily worked.


Notes: Gene was a cousin to Della, surnamed Woodward, I think. Abby (Vaux) Smith's sister, Libby (Vaux) Crouch, lived in Long Beach.

Austin Carringer worked as an aircraft mechanic at Rockwell Field on Coronado Island (now North Island Naval Station). Lyle Carringer worked as an accountant at Marston's, a locally owned department store in downtown San Diego. Emily worked part-time at Marston's as a saleslady.

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