Tuesday, March 6, 2007

County Maps for each state over time

Cathy, in a comment to my first Cornelia Bresee post, provided a link to a web site that shows how the county boundaries in New York changed over time. The site for New York is http://www.mynewyorkgenealogy.com/ny_maps/ny_cf.htm.

Based on this, I can tell that nearly all of the "action" before 1786 occurred in Albany County - Greene, Rensselaer and Columbia Counties were formed after 1786 from Albany County.

On the left hand side of the New York web site is a list of all of the states. You can find similar maps for all of the states by clicking on the state abbreviation.

This is a tremendous set of web sites - I'm thinking there may be more to explore here tomorrow.

Thanks, Cathy, for your wonderful tip and link.

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