Thursday, March 8, 2007

A new genealogy blog - The Amateurologist

Steve found a new Genea-blog from an old friend -- THE AMATEUROLOGIST, found at

The sub-title says "BECAUSE NOBODY PAYS ME TO HUNT DEAD PEOPLE" Nice! Welcome back to the genea-blogging world, Lee.

Go visit and comment.

Thanks for the heads up, Steve.


Lee said...

Why thank you, Sir! Glad you liked my tagline. Took me all day to come up with that one. that I think about it, I need a life, huh? LOL...

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed your blog and added it to the blog roll on my two new genealogy blogs. I wanted to send you some information on my blogs but did not want to put in the links here to appear self serving. How can I email you. or shopuld I just put in the informaiton here. My email is if you want to contact me off line. Thanks, Bill Ives

Randy Seaver said...

Lee - you have a life...and I hope that you are really enjoying it! I'm real happy to see you posting too - I look forward to more.

Bill - please justg put the information here, I'd love to take a look at your blogs. You might send something to Chris Dunham (The Genealogue) for his Blogfinder web page. I don't have an email for him anymore. My email is rjseaver(at)

Cheers -- Randy