Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Have you visited Forensic Genealogy?

I posted yesterday about the "Live Man with a Dead Horse" picture, and provided a link to Colleen Fitzpatrick's web site at

Colleen has a weekly quiz on her web site - it's always a photograph of a person or a place and the challenge is to answer the questions she asks about the photograph. The idea is to hone your forensic skills by analyzing the picture, trying to find it on the web using search engines, and using your knowledge and experience of history, geography, society or other areas.

I try to read the quiz every week or so, but have slacked off in analyzing them. The quiz page is

For example, the quiz question this week is "What is the zodiac sign of the passenger?" You will have to go to the web site to see the picture since I don't have permission to post it here.

While you are on the quiz page, take the opportunity to read some (or all) of the previous quiz pictures and questions. The research that Colleen and the quiz masters put in to analyze the picture is amazing. This is a wonderful web site and pastime! The thing I like most about it is that it is unique - there are no others like it - and it presents an intellectual challenge that is fun to work on and solve.

Colleen presents a great program to genealogy societies and conferences - if you haven't heard her, please try to attend her presentations some time soon.

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