Monday, April 2, 2007

Della's Journal - Week 14 (April 2-8, 1929)

This is Installment 14 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 14:


Tuesday, April 2: Election. Ma not able to go. Mrs. Nolan told her yesterday to drink baking soda, 1 tea spoon to 1 qt cold water, was good for the kidneys. Letter from Rose, she would try to come up Wed or Fri afternoon. I washed & ironed.

Wednesday, April 3 (rained in night): Swept. Ma stayed in bed all day, moved around too much yesterday. Betty went to a party, Easter party. Election carried Bonds for Camp Kerney, 5 to 1.

Thursday, April 4 (showered): Letter from Hazel. She was 11 years old, wrote a nice letter, did well in her school work, 6th grade. I went to town, pd on mortg[age] on Fern St. house - 2116 - $65.00. Got some medicine. Ma stayed in bed all day, soacked feet and rubbed with oil & alcohol. Ma better in some ways, but bladder bad yet. Mrs. Baxter called in evening. Mrs. Easterbrook called for a while to see how we liked the way the election went.

Friday, April 5 (cloudy PM): Ma still in bed. Rose did not come, sent card if wet she would not come, it cleared off but toward night cloudy & showered in night. Mrs. Chapman came to see Ma. She had been like Ma but took nito (?) & got over it quick.

Saturday, April 6 (showered in morning): Ma not as well. Got her an Electric Pad $6.00. She likes it very much. Letter from Mary Dyar.

Sunday, April 7: Cold wind all day, Lyle's worked at home in forenoon, then took ride to the country. Took letter & check of $3.00 out to Mrs. Schmidt to pay for water. I did not go out, to cold & Ma had a poor day. Austin has cold.

Monday, April 8 (pleasant & some warmer): Ed over, cut lawns, gave him check of $5.00. He had not been very well. I washed. Letter from Aunt Libbie. Ma in bed yet.


Ma (Abigail (Vaux) Smith) is still sick at age 85 and has a kidney or bladder problem. Several friends have suggested different cures. Della received several letters this week. I don't know who Rose and Hazel are. Aunt Libbie is Ma's sister, Elizabeth (Vaux) Crouch in Long Beach CA. Mary Dyar is a cousin of Della's who lived in the midwest.

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