Monday, April 2, 2007

The Genea-FOOL is gone

Devoted readers may have noticed that Genea-Musings was replaced by the Genea-FOOL yesterday, due to circumstances beyond my addictions. I couldn't help myself.

In my haste to recover from April 1, I forgot to capture the screen of The Genea-FOOL. Oh well - maybe next year.

Have you noticed the color changes on the blog? I've used Orange, Purple, Dark Blue, Red and now Blue for the Genea-Musings header and title backgrounds. And Yellow for the type on the header and post titles. Which colors have you preferred? I really liked the Orange and Blue combination, and thought the Red was a bit too flashy. I like the current Blue and Yellow because it provides good contrast.

Does anybody care? Probably not - it's content that counts, I think.


Becky Wiseman said...

I rather liked the Genea-Fool. He was so...the right word just won't come. I've also noticed the change in colors. I like the current combination (blue headers with yellow background) because of the contrast. As you said, the content matters more than the colors (and you have great content!), but the "wrong" combination of colors can make it really difficult to read. Just don't go with a dark background and light colored type, please!

Jasia said...

I vote for maize and blue... Go Blue! (from a true blue University of Michigan fan!)

Randy Seaver said...

Thanks, Becky and Jasia.

I'm not sure what maize is - is it what I have now?

I despise a dark background and light colored type also. In order to change colors I have to edit the HTML itself - I can't switch over to the new non-HTML templates without losing everything.

My Padres colors are sand and dark blue - I may go with them. My Chargers colors are more like what I have now - yellow and blue (although the powder blue uniforms are the best uniforms ever).

Cheers -- Randy

Erin said...

I like the page, easy on the eyes!