Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to Contact NARA About Fee increases

The 27 April deadline is almost upon us for expressing your opinion to NARA About the large fee increases for National Archive records.

I received the following in an email from Liz Stookesberry Myers, who is one of the NGS committee persons for this issue. The email reads:

Instructions for Writing to NARA
By Sue Axton

The 7 March 2007 issue of the [Rootsweb] Review discusses the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) proposal to increase its fees for photocopying records; notably, it mentions their proposal to increase fees for copies of Civil War pension files from $37 to $125. I went to the NARA site to find a place to make a comment on the fee increase, but the site is almost impossible to figure out. Maybe you could give step-by-step instructions in a future newsletter.

Also,maybe you could encourage people to write their representatives. I am not against a reasonable fee to cover the cost of paper and ink, but $125 for Civil War pension records is way out of line. That puts the cost out of reach for most researchers. I would pay an extra fee if the records I request would be put online for everyone to access. As long as they are going to the trouble of copying them once, how hard would it be to put them on the website?

[Editor's Note: Comments on the NARA proposal for a photocopying fee increase must be made by 27 April, so if you have comments submit them soon.

The following are step-by-step instructions for submitting your comments:

1. Go to
2. Under "Search for," select "Documents Open for Public Comment."
3. Under "Agency," select "National Archives and Records Administration*."
4. Under "Document Type," select "All Document Types."
5. In the "Keyword or ID" field, type "NARA-07-0001-0001".
6. Select "Exact Phrase."
7. Click the "Submit" button.

You can read the proposed rule by clicking the PDF icon in the "Views"column. You can add your comments by clicking the yellow balloon icon in the "Comments" column.Also, you can e-mail comments to your government representative at: .]

To view the 7 March 2007 Rootsweb Review announcement about the proposed NARA fee increase, visit:

PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE TO THEM TODAY!!!!!! Liz Stookesberry Myers


It appears that Sue Axton wrote a letter to Rootsweb Review that was published, with the editor's comments about the process to make comments.

If you have comments about this, I encourage you to make comments at the Regulations site and also to your Representative and Senators.

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