Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More CVGS Survey Results

I want to finish up the Chula Vista Genealogical Society member survey results so I can move on to other issues.

As mentioned previously, we had 24 responses to the survey (about 30% of our membership), and these were, IMHO, our more active members - those who attend the society meetings and participate in other activities.

Q: Have you done research at the San Diego Family History Center? If so, often often do you go there?
A: YES - 80%, NO - 20%
Once a year - 52%; 2-4 times a year - 24%; 5-10 times a year - 10%; More than 10 times a year - 14%.

Q: Have you done research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City? If so, how often have you been there?
A: YES - 16%; NO - 84%
Once - 2; Twice - 1; 11 times - 1

Q: At what San Diego County libraries have you done genealogy research?
A: (24 responses)
* Chula Vista Public Library - 87%
* Carlsbad Public Library - 83%
* San Diego Public Library - 46%
* San Diego Genealogical Society Library - 17%
* None - 8%

Q: What other genealogy societies do you belong to? (24 responses, some with more than one)
* None - 67%
* National Genealogical Society (NGS) - 8%
* Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD) - 8%
* San Diego Genealogical Society (SDGS) - 4%
* New England Historical Genealogical Society (NEHGS) - 4%
* New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (NYGBS) - 4%
* California State Genealogical Alliance (CSGA) - 4%
* New York Jewish Genealogical Society - 4%
* Essex Society of Genealogy (ESOG) - 4%
* Central New York Gen. Society - 4%
* Indiana Genealogical Society - 4%
* Pennsylvania Genealogical Society - 4%

Q: What genealogy magazines or periodicals do you subscribe to? (24 responses)
* None - 71%
* Family Tree Magazine - 17%
* Everton's Genealogical Helper - 4%
* The American Genealogist - 4%

Q: Have you attended the CVGS Research Group? If so, how often? (24 responses)
A: YES - 86; NO - 14%
* Monthly - 25%
* Regularly - 21%
* Several times - 32%
* Twice - 8%
* Once - 4%

Q: Have you attended the CVGS Computer Group? If so, how often? (23 responses)
A: YES - 74%; NO - 26%
* Monthly - 22%
* Regularly - 17%
* Several times - 26%
* Once - 9%

Q: What suggestions do you have for ways CVGS can better serve you, or help you pursue genealogy research? (6 responses)
* Offer a mentor to new members to answer questions
* Offer a trip to Salt Lake City
* Offer software training
* Offer step-by-step tutorial training for beginners
* Help with ahnentafel report
* More detailed computer training and help.

What conclusions can you draw from these responses? Some of mine are:

1) CVGS membership is fairly isolated - a super-majority of the respondents are not members of any other society or read magazines or periodicals.

2) CVGS membership has done research at the FHC, CVPL and Carlsbad library - but not very often. We take research trips to Carlsbad, SDPL and SDGS every year, and most of the respondents who listed those sites went on the trips.

3) A super-majority of the respondents have attended the CVGS Research and Computer groups.

4) Among the respondents, there is a need for basic computer training, for genealogy software training, tutorial training and mentoring.

What about the other 70% of the membership? What do they need? First, they need to answer the questionnaire so that CVGS leaders can try to address their needs!

I hope these membership survey questions, and the responses, have been of interest to you. They have been revealing to CVGS leaders. I would be very interested in survey results from other societies. If you want a copy of the CVGS survey, I will be happy to send the survey to you via email attachment (please contact me at rjseaver(at)cox.net).

My opinion is that every society needs to survey their membership regularly - CVGS tries to do it every two years. How else do you know what the membership experience, knowledge, skills and needs are?

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Jasia said...

Amen brother! I agree that societies should survey their members every couple of years to determine how they can best serve them. Unfortunately, not all societies are member-centered. I am speaking from personal experience when I say that there are groups out there who are run by individuals with blinders on who have their own agenda and don't want to be distracted from what they see as the "right direction" for the group. Numbers be damned! Sad but true.