Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Genealogist's Spouse

I found this list while searching for links, and thought it was funny:

You know you're a Genealogist's Spouse when:

* You're the only person in the bridge/poker club who knows what a Soundex is.

* Some of your best friends live over 200 miles away.

* You have more pictures of tombstones than of the kids.

* "I need a little help at the courthouse" means to forget the cleaning, washing, dinner, chores; the day is shot.

* The mailman can't believe you get this much mail from someone you don't know.

* You explain to Mom why you can't go 25 miles for Sunday dinner, but can go 100 miles to check out another cemetery."

* "As soon as I check this census record, I'll fix the leaky faucet" means "call the plumber."

* You get home from a trip to an out-of-state courthouse with the kids needing scrubbing, car needing fixing, and clothes needing washing to find the housework, bills and lawnmower to greet you.

* Your neighbors think you're crazy, your friends wonder, and you know you are.

* Despite it all, even you are a little anxious for the next family reunion.

Author unknown.

I did find some humorous articles about being a genealogy spouse - you can find links to them at Enjoy!

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