Monday, May 21, 2007

Della's Journal - Week 21 (May 21-27, 1929)

This is Installment 21 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 21:


Tuesday, May 21: I went to town, deposited Mrs. Nolan's $55, took out $5. A[ustin] put out Lippia around trees. I got Ed some Poisoned Barley for his squirrels & rabbits. Ma washed, I hung out clothes. Mrs. Auble washed. Letter from Mr. Montgomery & Stella. Wrote Ed.

Wednesday, May 22: Cleaned in house. Expect Aunt L[ibbie] & Myrtle Sat[urday].

Thursday, May 23: Cleaned carpets. Ironed.

Friday, May 24: I went to town & we finished cleaning. A[ustin] took treatment. Mrs. Baxter died last night (Elizabeth's mother).

Saturday, May 25 (cool, fog or light drizzle): Aunt L[ibbie] & Myrtle came. Ross Lourers (???) & Mrs. Quick were here after 5 P.M, then George came in wining (?) for them. Drizzled a little enough to wet pavement. Mr Nolands moved to Ocean Beach.

Sunday, May 26: Lyle's cleaned Garage. We did not go anyplace. Visited. Myrtle & Aunt L[ibbie] slept up stairs. Mr & Mrs. Brown & friend called on Aunt L & M.

Monday, May 27: Mrs. Baxter buried. I fixed flowers, went to funeral. Myrtle took me down then she went shopping, got her some dress goods (lovely) at Marston's. She took her mother riding then the Man & little boy came to call on them in evening. We had a fat hen for dinner, had Emily & Mrs. Auble over. They are painting & papering their hall.


Visitors Aunt Libbie [Crouch, "Ma's (Abby Smith) sister] and Myrtle [Milbank, Libbie's daughter] came to visit from Long Beach. They slept upstairs, which is the second story apartment above 2115 30th Street. I don't know if they had rented that apartment before, or perhaps that is where the Nolan's lived until they moved to Ocean Beach.

From the handwriting, it looks like Della forgot to write something on several days and just scribbled a short note sometime later.

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