Saturday, May 26, 2007

Behind the Scenes - Ancestry

Hugh Watkins in his new genealogy blog linked to a post by Steve Johnson at about Ancestry marketing strategies.

Steve started the Free on Ancestry web page that was a very useful tool, but he took the site down at Ancestry's "request."

The money quotes from Steve's post include:

"The needs of genealogists are very simple. They want to know if has records pertinent to their research. No one wants to use to share GEDCOMs, or build a family tree, or any of that geeky Web 2.0 stuff. All they want is to search records."

"So now, is in deep doo doo. They're losing money. They spent a lot of money building stuff that they're users are not using. They have competitors, serious competitors, rising up in the ranks. They're focusing on building their brand, while their competitors are focusing on building market share."

Read the whole article. My judgment is that this is not "sour grapes" but a reasonable interpretation of what has happened at Ancestry over the last six months based on the observations and experience of a longtime affiliate. As such, it is illuminating and disappointing.

Steve also has a wonderful web site at that I use all the time to find cemetery listings.

Thanks to Hugh for his post.

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