Friday, May 25, 2007

Berry people in the Census

I did some census research for one of my CVGS colleagues this week - she was searching for a Littleberry Allen in KY and was having a hard time finding him and his son and grandson, all with the same given name. I ended up finding most of them in the 1850 to 1880 census, but they used initials, "Little" or "Berry" in some entries. It was fun.

Of course, that got me to wondering if there were other people with a given name containing "Berry" or surnames containing "Berry."

In the 1900 census, there are 49,499 people with the surname Berry, and 20,335 with the surname Barry. Included are:

* Blacksie Berry in Smith County TX
* Berry Berry in Mason county KY
* Little H. Berry in King County WA
* Strawberry Berry in Escambia County AL
* Thorn Berry in Sacramento County CA
* Green Berry in Kanawha County WV

People with surnames containing Berry include (in 1900):

* Rosie Mulberry in Scott county KY
* Pink Raspberry in Jefferson County AL
* Ruby Raspberry in Pemiscot county MO
* Rose Blackberry in New York County NY
* Frank Blueberry in Belknap county NH

People with given names containing Berry (there are 8,593 of them in the 1900 census) include:

* Berry Bramble in King County WA
* Berry Bush in Saline County IL
* Blackberry McGill in Cannon County TN
* Raspberry Stone in Tuscaloosa County AL
* Littleberry Hill in Jefferson County AL
* Greenberry Hill in Clay County AL
* Greenberry Shufflebean in Davis County IA
* Mulberry Burnham in Cumberland county ME

I looked for Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Lingonberry, Littleberry, Greenberry, Redberry, Mulberry, etc. What other Berries should I consider?

You get the idea! What were their parents thinking? That was fun, though!

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