Thursday, May 24, 2007

Useful links for databases

I often want to use the Card Catalog or see what new databases have been added recently. For some reason, Ancestry does not make these links easy to find on the home page - They do have the "all databases" link at the bottom of the home page. If you click on the "Search" tab, you can find a link to the Card Catalog and All Databases in the right hand text box on the Search page.

So as a service to all users, here are some helpful links (and now I can find them easily!):

1) Ancestry Card Catalog:

In this search, you can use names, locations or key words to search for entries for your family searches.

2) Ancestry List of New and Updated Databases:

This list is very useful if you haven't kept up to speed on new additions to the database list.

3) Ancestry List of All Databases (24,538 today): Here

This list is ordered by number of names in the records. You can search by record type by clicking on a topic in the left text box.

This list also denotes which databases are FREE to non-subscribers.

There! I hope doesn't mind me helping researchers out with this. Maybe they will put these very useful links on their home pages so I don't have to search for this post later on.

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You can find the "recent website additions" link on the search page (at bottom of the right side column).

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