Friday, July 6, 2007

Blog posts you should read

There have been a number of excellent blog posts on various topics written over the last week or two. Here are my favorites:

1) The 27th Carnival of Genealogy was posted by Becky Wiseman at The topic was "What does the 4th of July Mean to Me? There are links to about 15 posts written from the heart and mind. Well done!

2) The DNA civil conversation at:

* Michael John Neill ( - Is DNA That Big a Deal? and DNA.
* John D. Reid ( - The DNA Skeptic and Is DNA Testing Over-hyped?
* Blaine Bettinger ( -- DNA Is a Big Deal.

3) Five Characteristics of Highly Effective Genealogists, by John Reid

4) Jasia ( has a series on City Directories - see City Directories - The Statistical Department for her 4th post with links to the other three.

5) Valorie Zimmerman ( - has a post on Original Documents Online.

6) The "Why Genealogy is Bunk" debate which Craig Manson, Lori, Tim Agazio, Michael Neill, Bill West and others posted treatises about.

That should hold you for the weekend! Enjoy.

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