Monday, July 2, 2007

The MassMoments daily history blog

Have you been reading the daily posts on the Mass Moments history site at This is a very worthy companion site to Boston 1775 blog by J.L. Bell for Massachusetts history.

The web site says:

"The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities launched the Mass Moments project—an electronic almanac of Massachusetts history—on January 1, 2005. Throughout 2005, radio listeners, cable TV viewers, and Internet users enjoyed listening to or reading about events and people in the recorded history of Massachusetts. In 2006, we are using the same 365 stories while we enhance the website for teachers.

"Visitors to the Mass Moments website [] can choose to listen to a one-minute audio spot or read the script, and then explore the story further by reading a background essay and clicking on a primary source document, links to follow, and places to visit. You can also use the timeline to see when a given "moment" occurred and a map to see where it happened. Visitors post comments or questions on the Discussion Board and have the option of being notified when someone responds. You can sign up for a free subscription to eMoments."

Today's post is about Bathsheba Spooner, who was the first woman to be executed, on 2 July 1778, in the new American republic. It is a fascinating story - read it all here.

Cool site - it goes on my Bloglines! Thanks to Marian for her mention of it on the APG mailing list.

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