Thursday, July 5, 2007

Founding Fathers face Grave Problem

An article with the title "Founding Fathers Face Grave Problem" was written by Tom Hester of Associated Press and published in the North Jersey Media Group newspapers - the online article is here. The lead paragraphs are:

"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to honor the grave sites of Declaration of Independence signers, don't count New Jersey in.
It can't afford it.

"Five Declaration signers are buried in the Garden State -- four New Jerseyans and a Pennsylvanian. But an effort to preserve their graves, promote their lives and honor them with graveside plaques has stalled in a state that was home to several key Revolutionary War battles and dubs itself the 'Crossroads of the American Revolution.'"

The article notes that an effort to preserve and newly mark the graves of Abraham Clark, John Hart, Richard Stockton and John Witherspoon, who signed for New Jersey, and George Clymer, who signed for Pennsylvania but is buried in Trenton, has fallen short and is not approved.

Read the whole article. What have other states done to honor their Signers of the Declaration of Independence?

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