Friday, September 21, 2007

Lowell (MA) Teachers College - 1939 Yearbook

I got a packet in the mail yesterday from my cousin who was the executor of my Aunt Geraldine's estate. Included in the box was the 1939 school yearbook for Lowell (MA) State Teachers College, "The Knoll."

Here is the page with Geraldine Seaver's picture. As you can see, many of Gerry's classmates wrote notes and encouragements on the pages.

One of the best pages was "Us" where each student was noted for something, their "idea or misery," and their "probable end." For Geraldine Seaver, she was noted for "poise," her idea or misery was "cracking on a high note" (she was a Music major) and her probable end was a "Hausfrau."

This college had 61 seniors, 62 juniors, 65 sophomores, 76 freshmen and 4 special students in 1938-9. There are lists for each of these students with an address and home town. There are pictures only of the senior class and the staff.

The administration and staff included:

* James Dugan, President
* Blanche A. Cheney, Dean (History, Government, Sociology)
* Josephine W. Chute (Drawing, Practical Arts)
* Sarah E. Lovell, M.A. (Literature, English for Intermediate Grades)
* William E. Riley (Penmanship, Physical Science, Mathematics of Finance)

* Frances Clark (Geography, Arithmetic)
* Emma Ramsay, A.B. (Educational Methods, Director of Student Teacher Training)
* Herman H. Brase, M.A. (Educational Psychology, German)
* Dr. Merrite A. Hiscoe, Ed. M. (Graphic Educational Methods, U.S. History and Government, Art Expression)
* Mabel E. Turner, Ed. M. (Biology, Health Education, Genetics)

* A. Florence Kirby, Ed. M. (Dramatic Interpretation, Literature)
* Mabel E. Wilson, Mus. B. (Music, French)
* Christine M. Kane, M.A. (Librarian, Reading Methods, English Literature)
* Grace G. Pierce (Director of Music)
* Marguerite Gourville (Physical Education)

* Kathleen Burt (Registrar)
* Beatrice Meagher (Secretary)

The Senior students were (name, home town):

* Evelyna L. Anderson, Lowell.
* Margaret Lorraine Athridge, Medford
* Helen Clark Barrett, Lawrence
* Mabelle Booth Birtwell, East Chelsmford.
* Virginia Marie Bonan, Lowell

* Barbara D. Brennon, Lowell
* Rita Marian Bruno, Methuen
* Thelma Lucille Bryant, Billerica
* Faith Bullock, Lowell
* Josephine F. Callagy, Lawrence

* Catherine Virginia Callahan, Lowell
* Agnes Patricia Carey, Woburn
* Eleanor D. Casazza, Haverhill
* Elizabeth T. Crine, Somerville
* Catherine P. Cryan, Lowell

* Margaret Swan Curley, Westford
* M. Alice Dillon, Woburn
* Patricia O. Doherty, Belmont
* Edna G. Dubois, Cambridge
* Grace Anne Dungan, Lowell

* Rita Hosmer Edwards, Westford
* Marguerite Thomasina Ferris, Lawrence
* Dorine E. Flanagan, Cambridge
* Ruth Ethel Fox, Dracut
* Marguerite Mary Frawley, Lawrence

* Elinor Elizabeth Gleason, Lowell
* Dorothy E. Grondine, Dracut
* Ruth Elizabeth Gumb, Methuen
* Margaret Jonanna Hedstrom, Lowell
* Dorothy Mae Keller, Woburn

* Rose Gladys Kerivan, Billerica
* Adeline Naomi Lachut, Dracut
* Elizabeth Drummond Lawrence, Haverhill
* Martha Elizabeth Manahan, Methuen
* Dorothy Blake Marshall, Lowell

* Margaret Ann McCaffrey, Cambridge
* Margaret Mary McDermott, Woburn
* Margaret Arlene McEvoy, North Andover
* Mary Elizabeth McGauvran
* Mary Geraldine McNulty

* Mary Dolan Monahan, Lowell
* Helen Florence Nichols, Haverhill
* Grace Eaton Newton, Haverhill
* Kathleen Downing O'Donnell, Lowell
* Inez Oliver, Millis

* Madelyn T. O'Neil, Lawrence
* Irene Panagiotacopoulos, Lowell
* Doris Arline Parker, Dracut
* Edith Pekkanen, Clinton
* Janet Radcliffe, Lowell

* Grace Elizabeth Reynolds, Medford
* Josephine H. Rhones, Lexington
* Thelma Hayes Roberts, Lowell
* Elizabeth Rock, Medford
* Geraldine Seaver, Leominster

* Sylvia Shapiro, Lowell
* Margaret Duarte Sousa, Lowell
* Geraldine Patricia Sullivan, Saugus
* Helen Regina Sullivan, Lowell
* Roberta Frances Urban, Springfield

* Myrla Pauline Wilbur, Tyngsboro
* Grace Elizabeth Lawless, Peabody.

Former members of the 1939 class (presumably they left school) were (no pictures or hometown):

* Mary O'Brien Campbell
* Elizabeth M. Dobbins
* Frances Pinsky
* Christine M. Quartarone
* Katherine Stacey
* Ethel Laffin Wilson.

For many of the persons listed above, there are personal notes to Gerry in their handwriting.

If anybody wants a scan of a particular page from this yearbook, please contact me at

Gena Philibert Ortega had an excellent post in August concerning collections of School records - see it at

Why did I post this long list of beautiful young women? Because they are the grandmothers and great-grandmothers of currently living people, and there may be some interest in the pictures and articles in this yearbook. Since this blog, and many others, are indexed and cached by Google, someone searching for these people may run across this post and contact me for more information.


Taneya said...

I found a yearbook at a Goodwill store about a year ago and have been wondering how to best share the information. I think I'll too post about the one I found. Great idea!

Pam said...

Dorothy Keller was my first grade teacher back in 1958 or 9, in Woburn, MA.

Natalie said...

Do you still have the page with Adeline Naomi Lachut? I would love to give her son a picture, I could print it if you could email me.