Monday, September 17, 2007

I wanna go cruising too!

Dick Eastman has a great blog post today titled "Genealogy Cruise Season Has Begun." There are three cruises scheduled in the next 8 weeks, and Dick is on all of them! The three are:

* Legacy Family Tree cruise from Vancouver BC to Hawaii, departing on 19 September for 13 days.

* Wholly Genes (TMG) cruise leaves Fort Lauderdale on 28 October for the eastern Caribbean island over 7 days.

* The RootsMagic cruise will leave Fort Lauderdale on 11 November for a 7 day cruise to the eastern Caribbean.

Dick has information about and links to each of these cruises. They sure sound like a lot of fun. I'm envious!

Unfortunately, I'm booked to do grandfather and genealogy duties for these time periods. Drat. I really need to plan ahead better, I guess.

The Legacy Family Tree cruise in 2008 is 12 days on the English Channel and the Baltic Sea - leaving London and visiting Copenhagen, Berlin, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm before returning to London.

That really sounds like fun to me! We could even take another week and go visit our exchange daughter and her family in Oulu in Finland. We could go tromp around Sogndal in Norway for the other half of Linda's Norwegian ancestry. In London we could visit my Vaux cousin who lives there and go visit Somersetshire to see the places that my Vaux family lived.

Ah, the cost: The fares appear to range from $2,050 per person (double room) to over $25,000 per person. Plus air fare to and from London. So, it's a minimum of about $7,000 for two for a 12 day cruise and a 14 day vacation.

It does sound like a great time. The cruise link above lists the genealogy presentations planned - there are 7 talks on the three days that the ship is at sea.

We need to start saving our pennies - if both of us go, we only need to save about $15 per day! Let's see - cancel the cable TV and computer, cancel the Padres season tickets, cancel lunches out - eat peanut butter sandwiches. Should I warn Angel Linda about my diabolical plan? Heck, she spends almost $15 every day on lunch! Oh, the hardship! I would have to stop blogging, which might not be all bad timewise. Or we could spend a part of the grandchildren's inheritance! Works for me, and they are still too young to complain.

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