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Della's Journal - Week 38 (September 17-23, 1929)

This is Installment 38 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 38:


Tuesday, September 17 (hot & rained .14 in country): I went to town, put $105 in bank of checks and $79.01 Lyle's check, total $194.01. Showered. I got curtains for Ma's house 5 yds @ .35 $1.75, witch hazel 0.50, my asthma med[icine] $2.00, mat for door @ 2119 [30th] $1.20, candy 0.35. Ma ironed. Fires in back country. Mr. & Mrs. Putmun called. Blanch Stubs & daughter Maud Enke came, Maud has several days vacation. I had them sleep in Flat 2116 Fern St. Will be here a few days.

Wednesday, September 18 (nice): Florina Tarvin Branaman spent most the day with us & evening. She had visited Mrs. Andrews & Eva yesterday. Blanch & Maud went to Park & Zoo & Coronado to a show in evening. Letter from Jessie yesterday, Walter is on 3 mo in bank. I picked 26 lbs figs.

Thursday, September 19 (nice): Maud & Blanch took the lounger mattress and me out to Ma's house. I put up rod for curtains, swept & took down curtains from cubbard, then Maud took Blanch out to Eva's.

Friday, September 20 (sprinkeled some): Ma & I worked outside. I on trimming Turks cap & Ma on the front yard. Emily & her mother picked figs to put up & I rented 2116 Fern St to two wimmen, sisters. Mrs. Wilson will come in Mon 23rd. Pd $10 Deposit. Blanch & Maud went to Mission Beach. Warren & Eva met them. Maud & Warren went in Bath house swimming in afternoon they traded then went out to see some friends went to show then back here. Letter from Ed, he will not be over, will tend to selling grapes. Mr. Benson has been in Hospital, they have had to give up his work.

Saturday, September 21 (cloudy): Blanch Stubes & daughter Maud Enke they went home at 10 A.M. Ma & I worked on curtains for her house. Lyle's went out to the church, took tools out for A[ustin] to fix door for Ma's house. I got Pt floor Paint 55c turpentine 55c = $1.10 (Sunny Boy caught a rat).

Sunday, September 22 (nice): A[ustin] & I went out on St[reet] car to Ma's house. I hung curtains & helped A[ustin] fix inside doors. He fixed outside door put dowels in it & gluewed. He came home first so to take his bath.

Monday, September 23 (nice): Mrs. Wilson moved in, had a big Ice chest so we took ours out. I went up to Owl drug store got Ma Amervil 90c us Asfidity tablets 45c. Card from Louie & Ruth they were at Niaggra N.Y drove through, fine trip. Little kitten got killed by a dog in night, Lyle got it.


I still don't know who the Putmun's are, and now we have Blanch Stubs, Maud Enke and Florina Branaman to wonder about, not to mention Mrs. Andrews, Warren and Eva. I'll go check the 1930 census to see if I can figure them out.

It sounds like Austin took a bath on Sunday, which makes sense since he probably worked from Monday through Saturday.

I also wonder what Amervil and Asfidity tablets are. I guess I can Google them or look for ads in the historical newspapers.

Don't you just love Della's phonetic spelling - wimmen, cuppard, gluewed, etc.

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