Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Almost a genealogy free day

I have so much genealogy work to do, but not a lot of time to do it this week. It would help if the computer would cooperate with me.

The only useful thing I did today was to compile my "Genealogy News of the Month" for the CVGS Research Group meeting on Wednesday. I will post it tomorrow on the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog tomorrow after the meeting.

I write it in an email to myself so that I can forward it later to the email list. I had to do it twice. I had it pretty much done - and then my email program froze before I could save the draft or send it. Now the darn thing won't send for some reason - it says it is too large. Arrgggghh. Add that on to my ongoing download problem (the speed for downloads of files, photos, videos, etc. is less than 20 kb/sec - it should be 200 kb/sec or better) and I'm ready to scream.

I need to install the FTM 16 that I bought two weeks ago for $16.95 (with a year's Ancestry subscription and GenSmarts) from www.NothingButSoftware.com (they don't have that offer any more, but have some good ones) and make sure everything works.

I have two microfilms at the FHC to review and capture probate record images from. I have about 40 pages to transcribe from the last image capture caper.

It looks like we're going to drive Lolo back to Victorville on Thursday, so I may have light blogging until Saturday.

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