Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Chula Vista Address

"Three score and four years ago, a maternal progenitor brought forth a bundle of joy, conceived in love, dedicated to the proposition that the venerable Seaver line shall go forward and populate the Earth.

"They inexplicably named him Randall. He would grow up in beautiful San Diego, graduate from college, have an engineering career, live and die with the Padres and Chargers fortunes, marry a wonderful angel, enjoy home, travel and life tremendously, continue lifelong learning, and sire two darling daughters, who would marry well and produce at least three beautiful grandchildren. Life is really good.

"And now he is engaged in a great challenge - to identify and learn about his ancestors and their families, to share that knowledge with his family, and to help others identify and learn about theirs also. He highly resolves that these ancestors shall not have lived in obscurity, that this family shall continue to grow and thrive, with appreciation of those who have gone before. He dedicates this hallowed blog post to the proposition that pedigree charts of the family, for the family and by the family shall not disappear from the earth. 'Tis a noble goal, and one that will be celebrated to the ends of time by his progeny and colleagues."

With apologies to Abe Lincoln. See here for a celebratory song and more comments [please forgive my self-indulgence here, I've wanted to do this for many years].

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