Thursday, October 25, 2007

Genea-Musings Greatest Hits

I read the "Popular Pages" and "Entry Pages" blog post statistics for Genea-Musings almost every night on and Unfortunately, I only get information about the last 100 visits, which is usually the last 8 to 12 hours.

Certain Genea-Musings posts are always on the list. They include (in approximate order of popularity):

* Family tree tattoos? I really don't know where I'd put one - on my head? At least it would be visible. I worry that my dermatologist would wipe out an ancestor or two if she found a cancer spot.

* World Records for number of children. Every time I read this I worry about how they dealt with the confusion and mayhem around the house, and the cost of college educations for all of them.

* Spooky names in the census. Others have done this, including myself.

* John Tyler's Grandson is still alive!. This was the most amazing research story.

* How rare is your personality type? I'm ISTJ, what are you?

All of these posts are picked by people Googling key words - they are not genealogists, just curious people.

My own favorites? I think that they are:

* Shopping for the Genealogist who has everything. I need to find new gifts for my wife's birthday and Christmas - I'd better start soon!

* Index for my Cornelia Bresee search. This links to all of the posts that detailed my efforts to tap online genealogy resources to find Cornelia's parents.

* The Ultimate "Dodging the Census" Puzzle. This lists my futile search for the Robert Leroy Thompson (1880-1963) family and his parents in the census records from 1850 to 1930. Not one positive census record, which leads me to think he had a name change.

* The Census Whacking Index. A list of my posts about strange and funny names in the census. Which reminds me, I haven't done one for a long time.

* Best of the Genea-Blogs (last one). My almost weekly series of posts highlighting genealogy blog posts that I judge "best of the week."

You can click on the categories at the bottom of each post on the actual blog page to see the "collection" in each category. I still haven't changed my blog to be able to list all of the categories - I worry that I will lose it all.

If you want to do a Google search of my blog, put the keywords in the little "Search Blog" box up at the top of the web page header.
Of course, this post is just another obvious attempt to create additional page views so that I can have my most ever visits and page views in October, and to increase my Reach in the Quantcast ratings.

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