Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey San Diegans - go to the FHC!

Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Just go to the San Diego Family History Center and use the computers to access FamilyLink, Godfrey Memorial Library, Footnote, HeritageQuestOnline and WorldVitalRecords for free.

Yep - these links to the subscription web sites are installed and running well. I was there today to copy more Rhode Island Probate records, and checked the computer as I was about to leave. I stayed for another 30 minutes checking things on WorldVitalRecords.

To access these services, you have to start Internet Explorer, then go to Favorites and click on the "Premium Databases" folder, and then on the "Family History Center Services Online Portal" and that will take you to the FHC-only web site. That site looks like this:

This site indicates that still not available are, and Kindred Konnections.

I did not ask about the status of this at the FHC today because I figured it was still months down the road here. Wrong! I like being wrong sometimes. I'm guessing that there has been no publicity at the FHC about it because they don't want a deluge of users and they want the staff to get familiar with using it. So I'm using my little bloghorn (hey, a new word! Mine!) here to shout out to my San Diego area colleagues. Anybody reading?

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