Monday, November 26, 2007

Cruising with Eastman

Roots Television has posted a number of interviews done by Dick Eastman on the 2007 Wholly Genes cruise to the Caribbean. This looks like really hard work for Dick, and I can really see the strain he's under as he interviews several of the speakers on the genealogy program.

The interviews include -

* Megan Smolenyak, one of the founders of Roots Television, and the Chief Family Historian at

* Tony Burroughs, the author of Black Roots.

* John Grenham, the author of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors.

* Cyndi Howells, the creator of Cyndi's List.

These videos are 9 to 14 minutes in length, and are useful as an introduction to these important people in genealogy, and their work. Dick skillfully leads them through their background and professional interests. One thing I noticed was that these people are passionate about their work and love to talk about it.

If you haven't watched some of Roots Television, you are missing a really good thing.

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