Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rob, would you please contact me?

One of the frustrations with genealogy blogging is that there are times when someone comments on a post and you wish that you could immediately email them.

Last March, I posted "Searching for Minerva" in an effort to publicize one of my colleague's brick wall and hopefully crack through it. I got a comment from "Rob" in October who said:

"My name is Rob and I am a direct descendant of Minerva Jane Coan Crosbie (Crosby). Minerva was born 17 MAR 1853 in Burlington, IN to James W. Coan and Minerva Jane Saxon. James 13 Sep 1824-17OCT 1898 & Minerva Saxon 12 DEC 1828-11 MAR 1915) Thomas Crosbie was born in Earlston Scotland 11 OCT 1848 to James and Mary (Rule) Crosbie. Minerva Jane Coan's parents were both from the US. James was born in Fayette Co. PA and Minerva was born in Deleware Co. IN. They were married 26 May 1846. Please let me know if this helps and if there are any leads you have found, that is where my brick wall is."

I passed that on to my colleague via email, and she recently "found" it again and asked me to try to find Rob so that they can communicate about this family line.

Rob posted his comment anonymously, and therefore there is no way to contact him other than to appeal to his good nature with a post like this. My guess is that Rob found my post by Googling "minerva coan crosbie" or similar. If he Googles again, I hope he finds this post!

I searched the Rootsweb Mailing List Archives, the Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Boards and the GenForum Message Boards to see if Rob or someone else had posted this information. I didn't find any. A Google search was not fruitful. A search on Rootsweb WorldConnect and Ancestry's One World Tree was not productive.

I did find a post about Minerva and her family on Genforum, but it wasn't by Rob. Likewise, her parents are on WorldConnect, but not Minerva and her family. There are two entries for Minerva J. Coan in Ancestry's One World Tree database, but the contributors are not listed.

So I'm down to making this appeal to Rob to please contact me at rjseaver(at)cox.net and I will put him in touch with my colleague.

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