Thursday, November 29, 2007

Internet Genealogy TOC - Dec/Jan 2008 Issue

The Internet Genealogy magazine Table of Contents includes:

* "What's coming in Internet Genealogy" - page 4
* "Home Page" - page 5
* "Net Notes" - page 6
* "The Hidden Web: Beneath the Surface" by George G. Morgan - page 9
* "Do You Need a Genealogy Agent?" by Lisa A. Alzo - page 13

* "Case Study: There's something About Mary" by Lisa A. Alzo - page 16
* "Old Soldiers Homes" by Donna Murray - page 20
* "Unearthing Those Hidden Gems on" by Lisa A. Alzo - page 23
* "Lineage, First Family and Pioneer Societies on the Web" by Diane L. Richard - page 29
* "In Praise of Genealogy 2.0" by Marian Press - page 33

* "American Indian Ancestry: An Introduction" by Pat Wohler - page 35
* "E-mails and Old Newspapers: A Story of a Diabolical Deed" by Denise A. McGlinchey - page 39
* "Wills and Administrations in Britain and Ireland" by Alan Stewart - page 41
* "National Genealogical Society" by Diane L. Richard - page 45
* "Paying it Forward in Genealogy" by Donna Potter Phillips - page 46

* "WorldVitalRecords" by Diane L. Richard - page 49
* "A Different Type of Family Reunion" by Andrew Gudgel - page 53
* "More Than One Way to Lose a Document" by David A. Norris - page 54

There is a lot of information in these 56 pages. I learned a lot from George Morgan's article on the Hidden Web, and really enjoyed Lisa Alzo's Case Study article. The web site is You can subscribe or renew for $22.50 per year. Access to each issue comes in your email - you have to click a link, put in the username and password, and see a PDF format file. You can download the PDF file for future reference on your computer. You can print pages if you wish.

A more complete Table of contents can be found at (but today it shows the October/November issue - go figure!). The Current Issue list of web links is at (but it is for the August/September issue - someone is falling down here!).

I like this magazine - it's timely, has useful articles, and is very readable.

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Carolyn Paul Branch said...

I love Internet Genealogy Magazine, too, and read it every month. In fact the articles in Internet Genealogy led me to many of the sources I included in my new book "Primary Sources Online". I've been teaching genealogy classes at the public library for years, and I'm always surprised at how many folks just don't know about all the FREE sources on web sites put up by governments, universities, societies, and museums. So I put all my favorites into a 125 page book. You can see a preview at

Carolyn Paul Branch