Monday, November 5, 2007

The First Genealogical Wave?

Megan Smolenyak has been on a genealogy cruise with 350 genealogists, and has what she thinks is the "first genealogical wave" on video at Roots Television. When I heard this, I thought "wow - a wave came over the ship and engulfed a bunch of genealogists" ... then I thought maybe they had everybody lined up at the rail waving goodbye to Megan or Dick Eastman or whoever. Well, I was wrong - you can see the wave here.

It took me three tries to understand what these folks were saying - it appears to be "Holy Jeans."

Why in the world would they do the wave and yell that? You would think they would have said "Hail Megan" or "Yay Dick" or "The Master Genealogist Rules." But no, they said "Holy Jeans."

Aha! Maybe it was "holy genes" - perhaps they had just seen a presentation about Biblical genealogy, or royal genealogy research. Were they worshipping some person named Jean? Or Gene? Or maybe two Jeans?

Then again, maybe I didn't get the context right - maybe it was "Hole-y jeans" meaning jeans with holes in them. If so, whose were they? Stone-died? Tie-washed? Blue?

Strange video - only 3 seconds. They need a little more explanation for us landlubbing genealogists. At least nobody shot the camera the bird - but how could you tell, it was only three seconds of video. And no one flashed the camera-man - I checked.

Couldn't we do this at a conference or in a stadium also? Will there now be contests at genealogy conferences to see who can get the biggest group of genealogists to shout something for the GeneaTube people?

UPDATE 7 PM: OK, I knew all along it was"Wholly Genes" but I thought somebody would appreciate my lame attempts at humor. However, nobody laughed except to think to themselves "he doesn't get it." Or worse! Of course, who would call a software company "Wholly Genes?" Sounds like a teenagers clothing outlet. Don't let me get started again. Get thee down irony, out satire, begone wit. Genealogists are supposed to be earnest, balanced and upright folks. Well, some of us are so tummy heavy we can't be balanced and upright for long. And don't call me Earnest. Nurse! Nurse! My jacket please - yes, the one that ties in the back. They're coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ... I need a good genealogy puzzle to get back on track here, I guess. Dunham will probably ask us to find Jack Bauer's third mother-in-law's second husband's grand-nephew's third grade teacher's name. I pick Mary. I think he makes the puzzles up, frankly.


Shaz said...

The cruise was sponsored by


Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak said...

Hi Randy,

Sorry, most of the context appears beneath the video and I should have explained Wholly Genes more fully. Sharon's got it right -- and so have your ears!

Take care,

Lee said...

If it's any consolation, Randy, I got it, and I'm still laughing. See, LOL...