Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Ge-ne-al-o-gy" by Randy

lyrics by Randy Seaver
Sung to the music of "Surfin' USA"
by the Beach Boys (1962 - what memories!):

"Since everybody has a family
Across the USA
Then everybody be searching
for family histor-a.

"You'll see me in graveyards,
And in libraries too,
A white beard and sparse hairdo,
it's genealogy.

"Catchin' ancestors in Boston,
San Francisco C A,
Philly and Chicago,
and Washington D C.

"All over New England
And down Carolina way,
Everybody's gone searchin'
Family history.

"I'm still planning the road trip,
I'm gonna take next year,
Sprucing up my pedigree,
Finding stories to share.

"I'll be gone for the summer,
Seeing cousins and friends,
Tell my wife I'm researchin'
my genealogy.

"Wiltshire and Somerset,
Scotland and Ireland too,
Stockholm, Oslo, and Voss,
Toronto and Waterloo.

"All over the world,
And on the Internet too,
Everybody's gone searchin'
their genealogy.

"Everybody's gone searchin'
for family history."

I hope my cousin Brian Wilson doesn't mind.

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