Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nobody went to the Party?

They held a blog party, er, an exposition, called BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas this week. Thousands of bloggers showed up - I guess no genealogy blogger attended. Too bad. It would have been fun. Rubbing elbows with the "big boys and girls." Seminars, forums, talks, parties, dinners, arguments, sharing, etc.

I guess it would have been even funnier if only one Genea-blogger had attended - a party of one. Were any genea-bloggers invited or even aware of BlogWorldExpo? I knew about it because of who I mindlessly listen to on the radio while concentrating on genealogy in the Genea-Cave.

A smart NGS or FGS conference planner might want to organize a "meet-and-greet" or even have a conference track (well, maybe one talk?) about genealogy blogging in 2008. While our numbers are small, our influence is migh..., um, pretty small too. Well, except for the "corporate" genea-bloggers who actually do it while making a living doing genealogy.

But we have a lot of fun in our little blog world, don't we? "Talking" and sharing with our audience of 100 or so visitors each day (some may even return, some are on the MTA ( another song to write lyrics too perhaps? down Randy)).

See y'all next year at the BlogWorldExpo!! Our little group can sit at a corner table, share some drinks, food and family stories and watch the arguments between the prog/con, Win/Mac, and God/athe bloggers. Maybe they'll even have "ultimate fighting" battles next year!

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Janice said...

Yeah next year lets have a pajama party for Genea-bloggers like the "big boys" do. Strange only one of their speakers was a woman.