Thursday, November 8, 2007

SDGS Program on 11/10 - DNA Research

The San Diego Genealogical Society meeting is Saturday, 10 November at 12 noon at St. Andrews Lutheran Church located at 8350 Lake Murray Blvd (at Jackson drive) in San Diego. The meeting is in the hall to the north of the parking lot.

The program speaker will be John R. Carpenter on two topics:

12:10 PM: "DNA Research: Haplogroups, Y-DNA and MtDNA"

1:15 PM: "Famous and Other DNA"

The program summary reads:

"Are you using DNA in your family research? Do you know what it can, and can't do, to help you find your ancestors? Come and learn how to take your research into the 21st century.

"Find out about the DNA of some famous and infamous people. See DNA comparisons from ancient to modern times. Are Neanderthal and Humans related? How do Chimpanzees compare? Learn how scientists can extract DNA from scattered and damaged sources."

The speaker profile reads:

"John R. Carpenter has been involved in his ancestral quest for almost 30 years. His fourth great-grandfather, Samuel Carpenter was in the Revolutionary War. He has assisted the SAR in collecting Carpenter research material for the SAR Library. In 2001 he published a Carpenter Family CD of over 88,000 names. A noted lecturer, he recently spoke at the DAR Southern California Conference.

"John became involved in Y-DNA research after a Carpenter Conference in 2002. He is currently involved in Carpenter Family research program with other serious and dedicated researchers. He is the Administrator of the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project and has written articles on genealogy and on Y-DNA. He is a member of ISOGG - the International Society of Genetic Genealogy. John has four daughters and five grandchildren."

Copied from the San Diego Genealogical Society Newsletter for November 2007.

Note that the SDGS newsletters since April 2004 are on the SDGS web site at Peter Steelquist does an excellent job of providing society news and genealogy tips and techniques in this newsletter. I am a member of SDGS.

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John R. Carpenter can be reached at:

He is involved in various Carpenter Cousins projects. See:

He also volunteers at the San Diego Family History Center. See: