Sunday, December 30, 2007

Genealogy Goals for 2008

For 2008, I decided I shouldn't call them "resolutions" because they really aren't "a decision to do something, or to behave in a certain manner." These are really GOALS to work towards, especially in my own genealogy research.

1. Pursue original source material for my brick wall ancestors - especially Thomas J. NEWTON (ME), William KNAPP (Dutchess County NY), Russell SMITH (RI?), Hannah SMITH (Brookline NH), etc.

2. Obtain more probate records, land records and town meeting records for my ancestors of Alma Bessie RICHMOND (and finish Rhode Island if possible!).

3. Add family history information to my genealogy databases as I obtain it from traditional and online resources, with adequate source notes.

4. Complete editing my Seaver surname database in order to make the notes and sourcing consistent.

5. Complete my term as President of Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) with energy, vision, wisdom and patience.

6. Create at least three new presentations and deliver them to CVGS and other Southern California societies.

7. Take at least one genealogy research trip this year to visit ancestral homes, nearby repositories and distant cousins.

8. Enjoy at least one genealogy cruise this year with my wife (she likes the idea!).

9. Attend at least one major genealogy conference this year.

10. Post quality research articles and notes on Genea-Musings that help other researchers, including my society members, pursue their genealogy and family history.

11. Help family, friends and colleagues pursue their genealogy research as requested.

12. Stay abreast of developments in the genealogy world and pass information to my colleagues and readers.

That's probably enough! I hesitate to get more specific on some of them because I just don't know what the future holds with my family.

I will make one "resolution" - I resolve to spend more time pursuing these goals than doing frivolous reading or research.

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Lee said...

That's quite an ambitious list, Randy, but I agree with Jasia, if there's anyone who can conquer that many goals, it's you.

Happy New Year!