Friday, January 4, 2008

The Genetic Genealogist Challenge

Blaine Bettinger at The Genetic Genealogist blog (which discusses genetic genealogy issues with authority and detail) is celebrating his first anniversary of blogging, and will award a free DNA test to one of the entries to his contest. See his post here for rules and more information.

I posted about my Genetic Genealogy challenges here, and Blaine discussed them in his post summarizing the 35th Carnival of Genealogy here. If you haven't read Blaine's blog before, and are interested in genetic generalogy, please go visit The Genetic Genealogist and read Blaine's body of work.

I really appreciate Blaine's PhD-level expertise and willingness to analyze genetic genealogy issues for those of us who are interested but challenged by the messy genetic details (my limited reading tells me that it is one of the most complicated subjects in the world's body of knowledge!).

Like many researchers, I have procrastinated in getting a Y-DNA or mtDNA test done. It's on my mental "to-do" list as a "nice-to-have."

Is this contest just Blaine's way of getting more hits for his blog to raise his Alexa ranking (currently 224,343 according to his widgit)? If so, I hope it works for him!

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