Monday, December 31, 2007

Genea-Musings in 2007

I listed my nominations of posts for "Best of Genea-Musings" for 2007, but there were a lot more highlights (at least for me!) in the 990 notes posted in 2007. Included on my highlight list are:

1. Serials

* The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin Seaver - 10 posts - historical newspaper articles about one mariner in the early 1800's - see here and here.

* Della's Journal - 52 posts - a week-by-week transcription of my great-grandmother's 1929 daily journal. The last week is here.

* The Search for Cornelia Bresee - the index for my online search is here, and a plan for traditional research is here. The last post is here.

* The Best of the Genea-Blogs - a regular Sunday post since August highlighting my favorite articles for each week. Last week's is here.

* Christmas Advent Memories - 24 posts with Christmas memories submitted to the Christmas Advent Calendar Carnival.

Genealogy News Commentary

* Ancestry cuts off the FHC - the announcement, personal subscriptions, and Ancestry in the FHL and 13 FHCs.

* The "Genealogy is Bunk" article and reaction - "Genealogy is NOT Bunk"

* The Internet Biographical Collection on Ancestry - the problem, further discussion, the legal quandary. Craig Manson did an excellent series on the legal issues.

* FamilyTreeMaker 2008 problems - Beta testing here and here, first release, more comments and Webinar.

* Acquisition of The Generations Network - questions and analysis here.

Genealogy Research Notes

* The futile search for Robert Leroy Thompson's family in the census records - the brick wall summary here, and the census summary here.

* Success finding living people - summary here.

* The Cornelia Bresee search noted above.

* Probate records for several Rhode Island ancestors.

* The William Hutchi(n)son search results - here, here and here.

* Monthly CVGS Research and Computer Group notes - too many to link to.

Testing Web Sites and Databases

* -- a summary, and a test.

* -- the concept, acquisitions, the search with results.

* AncestryPress -- first look, second look and webinar.

* - summary here.

* FamilySearch Record Search -- pilot experiences, list of databases.

I think I'll end there ... one of my reasons for making this list is so that I can FIND links to my body of work.

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