Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carringer Family Letters, 1890-1900 - Post 9

This series of family letters is from the parents, brother and aunt of Henry Austin Carringer residing in National City and San Diego in the 1890 to 1900 time frame. Austin's parents (David Jackson and Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer) and brother (Edgar, unmarried) resided in Boulder, Colorado during this period of time and there is news of towns people and events in these letters.

The ninth letter is from Austin's mother, Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer, in Boulder.


Letter from Rebecca Carringer of Boulder, Colorado to Austin and Della Carringer in San Diego, California. No envelope.

Boulder Colo April 12 [18]97

Dear children your good letter found us about the same. We were not surprised to hear Austin had a cold for we said he would take cold sleeping in that damp place the lumber being green and the damp weather he could not help take cold he is going to over do the thing he better go a little slow there isent any thing to be made at such work. That is what I tell Pa but he wont heed I tell him if he wasn’t to ever get well he will just have to let every thing go. Oh Dear I get out of fashions with him. He will go to town I don’t want him to go but there is no use to say any thing he will go any way. We have had such bad weather all last week. Our moon lays [hays?] on its back to but it just has run over ever since it came so I don’t think that makes any difference. There is not anything new to say and I want to send this to town so will say good by hope this will find you all well. Love to all from parents and brother.


It seems like they get a letter and send one back every week, even if there is no news other than the weather.

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