Monday, May 12, 2008

The American Genealogist - July 2007 Table of Contents

The latest issue of The American Genealogist journal arrived last week. It is Volume 82, Number 3, Whole Number 327, dated July 2007 (published March 2008). The Table of Contents includes:

* "Origin of Accused Witch Mary (Williams) (King?) Hale of Boston and her Brothers Hugh, John, and, Possibly, Nathaniel Williams "by Michael J. Leclerc and D. Brenton Simons - page 161

* "Damning with (Very) Faint Praise" - page 171

* "Sarah (Parker) Williams, Wife of High Williams of Boston, Massachusetts, and Block Island, Rhode Island" by Michael J. Leclerc - page 172

* "Damning with Almost No Praise at All" - page 177

* "A Proposed Ancestry for Edward Ball of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia" by Ronald A. Hill - page 178

* "Damning a Clerical Sinner" - page 186

* "The Perry Family of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire: Shared Ancestry of Six Massachusetts Immigrants: John Perry of Roxbury, Isaac Perry of Boston, Mary (Perry) Heath of Roxbury, Phebe(Perry) Desborough of Roxbury, John Reddington of Topsfield, and Abraham Reddington of Topsfield and Boxford (continued)" by William Wyman Fiske - page 187

* "William Rogers of New London, Connecticut: Privateer and Pirate" by Brent M. Owen - page 196

* "The Parentage of Alice Tiler, First Wife of Thomas Sherwood of Wethersfield, Stamford and Fairfield, Connecticut" by Leslie Mahler - page 211

* "Damning Self-Aggrandizement" - page 213

* "Asa Bacon and the Shaking Quakers: Bacon Migration (1644-1850): Massachusetts-Connecticut-Massachusetts-New York-Indiana (continued) by Ronald A. Hill - page 214

* "Chamberlaynes in the Ancestry of the Betts Family of Newton, Long Island" by John Blythe Dobson - page 227

* "Damning the Aristocracy" - page 232

* Editorial Notes and Observations - page 233

* Book Reviews - page 234

This periodical has some interesting articles and excellent examples of New England research. As always, this issue unravels several difficult research problems. It also has a number of "short items" that are "damning" something or other - all either curious or humorous.

TAG is a labor of love by the editors, David L. Greene, Ph.D. and FASG, Robert Charles Anderson, FASG, and Joseph C. Anderson, FASG.

I have subscribed to TAG for about 15 years now, and have quite a "stack" of them. I often take one out and read it when I have an hour to kill - just to review research techniques and to marvel at how others have solved difficult research problems. I wish I could solve just one of my difficult research problems and submit an article to TAG!

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