Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flat Stanley went to WDYTYAL!

I was watching the videos over on www.RootsTelevision.com and noticed that there were a number of interviews done by Dick Eastman of prominent genealogists in attendance at the Who Do You Think You Are, Live! conference. All very interesting, and, um, proper.

But there was also a video of Flat Stanley, who is one of my favorite video genealogy heroes. His visit to WDYTYAL is shown here - it runs only 4:50 but is informative and funny. Enjoy!

I got curious about Flat Stanley - I even wondered if he was only a piece of cardboard or was he a real person. Interestingly, there is a Matt Flatt Stanley who is in the US Public Records Index on ancestry.com. I wonder if this fellow is related to the famous video star, Flat Stanley of genealogy fame?

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