Monday, May 12, 2008

SCGS Jamboree - June 27-29, 2008

The Genealogy Jamboree sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical society is coming soon - June 27-29, 2008 in Burbank CA, at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. The web site with the program and more information is at

The program description says:

"The Southern California Genealogy Jamboree and Resource Expo is a three-day gathering of genealogists, family historians, experts, novices, exhibitors, vendors, genealogical society leaders, speakers and others who are interested in tracing their roots.

"The 2008 Genealogy Jamboree, produced by the Southern California Genealogical Society, is expected to draw over 1200 participants. There will be more than 75 presentations and panel discussions, 31 lecturers, a room full of exhibitors and vendors, and plenty of opportunities to network and socialize."

You can download, or read, the program here.

There will be a "Genealogy Bloggers Summit" from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday, June 28th. The program description says:

"SA-07 Genealogy Blogger Summit [Steve Danko, Schelly Dardashti, Dick Eastman, Leland Meitzler, George Morgan, Randy Seaver, Megan Smolenyak]. The genealogy blogging and podcast community has been keeping savvy readers up to date on all the news affecting genealogists and family historians. How do they get the information? How is it disseminated?

"How have bloggers changed the flow of information between vendors and their customers? How can family history blogs help exchange information and locate cousins? Come hear this exceptional group of information leaders. Sponsored by"

I am honored to be included in this august group of "information leaders." I look forward to sharing a stage with all of those famous bloggers, but I'm wondering if I'll ever get a word in edgewise? It will be fun to meet all of these bloggers - I've only met one genealogy blogger so far (Gena Phillibert-Ortega)!

In this time frame, who is the competition? From 9:30 to 10:30 am, none other than Arlene Eakle, Wendy Elliott, John Humphrey, JoAnne Rockower, Jana Broglin and Bennett Greenspan. From 11 am to noon, they are Arlene Eakle, Wendy Elliott, John Humphrey, Michael Booth, Elaine Alexander and Colleen Fitzpatrick. Those are formidable speakers with interesting topics - who is going to want to hear about Blogging?

If you attend the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree, please come introduce yourself as a reader of Genea-Musings and tell me what you like best about this blog.

I hope to live-blog the Bloggers Summit in addition to posting talk summaries each day for the sessions I attend.

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footnoteMaven said...

Woo Hoo Randy! Congratulations!

I'm trying to schedule this Jamboree. Hope to be able to say hello!