Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Internet Genealogy" Magazine TOC - August/September 2008 issue

Internet Genealogy magazine is published by Moorshead Magazines Ltd., which also publishes Family Chronicle, Discovering Family History and History magazines. An Internet Genealogy yearly subscription is $22.50 for online access, $28 for a print version, and $6.95 on the newsstand (if you can find it) for US and Canada.

The Table of Contents for the August-September 2008 issue includes:

* Net Notes - FamilyRelatives, Bloodlines of Salem, Shades of the Departed, and Purpose Games are highlighted - page 6

* Brickwall Solutions: Internet Style! -- We excerpted a few Internet-related brickwall solutions from our best selling book - page 9

* E.W.G.S. at 75: Thrivin' and Survivin' - Donna Potter Phillips sings the praises of her local genealogical society - page 14

* Who Was Mary Virginia? - Alice Luckhardt uses the Internet to find answers about a long forgotten lady - page 15

* Cold Case Research: Genealogy Style - Donna Potter Phillips offers an idea for today's genealogists - page 17

* Project StoryKeeper and LifeLenz - Diane L. Richard shows how to preserve stories and memories - page 18

* Picture Perfecting Picasa: Image Artistry at the Click of a Button - Bill Puller looks at another great resource from the folks at Google - page 22

* 50 Websites You Might Be Missing! - Lisa A. Alzo looks at the online resources that just might be the missing piece of your genealogy puzzle - page 27

* Academic Focus: Continuing Education - Richard Crooks goes back to school to go beyond his genealogical brick walls - page 32

* Academic Focus: Academic Theses - A Genealogist's Tool - Janice Nickerson shares an untapped resource that will give your research an A+ push - page 35

* Academic Focus: CPS Alumni - School's In On the Web! - Diane L. Richard goes old school in her genealogy research - page 38

* Academic Focus: School Records Online - David A. Norris shows you the A B C's of finding your family's school records online - page 40

* Civil War Maps Online - David A. Norris explores some uncharted territory in search of Civil War maps - page 47

* What's Coming in Internet Genealogy - A peek at what we are working on for future issues - page 53

* I Share an Un-erasable Bond with my Typewriter - David A. Norris xxxxxxx types an ode to his typewriter - page 54.

That's it - 56 pages chock full of useful genealogy information about Internet resources.

footnoteMaven's excellent Shades of the Departed blog is highlighted in Net Notes. The Eastern Washington Genealogical Society is highlighted in Donna Phillips article, whichg has lots of great ideas for genealogy society members.

I really enjoyed, and will investigate thoroughly, Lisa Alzo's list of 50 web sites (I figure I've missed at least 25% of them). The School Records articles were interesting and may be useful. I really like elusive ancestor stories, and the Brickwall Solutions, Mary Virginia, and Cold Case Research stories were great.

As always, my problem is how to find these articles once I have read them once. A paper copy in a file is not the best way for me - my piles get higher and I've wasted paper. Having them online in PDF format, and this table of contents on my blog and in my computer files, works best for me.

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