Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scanfest today was great!

I attended my first Scanfest today via Windows Live Messenger and enjoyed it immensely. Miriam Midkiff was the hostess and I think she counted 17 in attendance at one time, and then several more came a bit later.

Miriam Midkiff also announced that there was an article in the Spokane Spokesman-Review newspaper today about her use of Google in genealogy research - you can see an online version of it here. It has the Google Reader video embedded that Miriam did a month or so ago. It's great to have genea-bloggers in the newspapers!

During Scanfest, I managed to work my way through some loose photographs of my kids as babies, some pre-wedding photographs, and my grandmother's photo album that we gave her after the wedding. These are mainly 3x3 Kodak photos that are not high quality...but maybe some of them will "cleanup" nicely when I go to edit and tag them. I did 60 scans today in over three hours. It's difficult to type in the chat box, keep the scanner going, and read blogs all at the same time! It was nice and quiet here, since Linda was out to lunch with friends, and I could concentrate on the tasks at hand. Of course, I missed lunch but I did snack a bit.

I scanned the pictures as TIF files, and used over 230 mb of hard drive space for these 60 images. I need to clean them up, save them as JPG files, and share them with my kids and brothers, and perhaps even my readers as part of my Family Photograph series.


Colleen said...

Scanfest was great, I agree. It was great to see so many new people.

Miriam Robbins said...

Randy, it was great having you, and I hope we'll see you again at the next one!

my Heritage Happens said...

The previous scanfest was my first and it was great too! Continued scanning after the scanfest was over, and got 100 items done! Would have loved to join today, however my husband had to pull me away from the computer and get me outside to play golf! That was a nice change of pace too.Sorry I missed scanfest, glad to hear so many were there. Thanks Miriam and Randy for all you do!

Unknown said...

You even found time to EAT?
Clearly not giving the other tasks enough attention ;-)