Friday, August 1, 2008

Cruiser needs hotel advice in NYC and PR

My wife and I are going cruising in October on the Wholly Genes cruise, departing New York City on 26 October, visiting Antigua and the Virgin Islands before landing in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 2 November. There are three days of genealogy classes during this cruise. The cruise and genealogy class details are here if anybody else want to participate (I have no idea if there is space available).

My reason for posting this is to ask for advice on spending a few days in both New York City before the cruise and in San Juan after the cruise. Our schedules are flexible at this point - we just need to get on the boat in Brooklyn and get off in PR.

Of course, we would love to stay in a hotel that is safe, clean, cheap, has king size beds, has wireless internet, is close to nearby restaurants, has a tour group stop, and/or is near a subway. Oh, also is fairly close to the cruise terminals. I realize that some of these requirements are mutually exclusive! My thought is that some of my readers may have experience and opinions about hotels in these areas.

I've looked at hotels in Brooklyn between JFK airport and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminals on Expedia, Travelocity and AAA. It's difficult to choose! Has anybody cruised out of Brooklyn before and stayed close by in a great place that meets my expectations?

On the San Juan end, I haven't checked for hotels yet. I thought I would go get a AAA book about Puerto Rico and use that to plan, but if someone has a recommendation I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for any help. If you want to email me with information, please do so to


Donna said...


I've traveled to PR frequently for work. I usually stay on the "Condado" strip (Ashford Ave). It's not in "Old Town" but it is closer to it than further down towards the airport. The Condado Plaza is nice, as is the Hilton. The Marriott is further up the road. If you do want to stay in Old Town itself, try the El Convento - it's an old convent that is now a hotel right in the middle of things. If you want some restaurant recommendations for San Juan, I have a few in varying price ranges, so let me know. Also, if you plan on seeing "the rest of" Puerto Rico, I can offer some advice. I've seen more of the island than New Jersey where I live.

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