Monday, September 29, 2008

The Genea-blogger Gnome visits Genea-Musings!

The Genea-blogger Gnome came to Genea-Musings while the chief muser was away... so better late than never, here he is:

Now what does he represent? Nobody told me, but I do know that he is a world traveler - from his home in Bonn, Germany the gnome has been to:

Cologne, Germany
Paris, Frances
Reims, France
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
London, England,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Orleans, Louisiana
Fulton, Mississippi
In Fulton, he became the Genea-blogger Gnome and has appeared on quite a few genealogy blogs since early September.
Hmmm, if someone grew his beard a little longer, and if he put on a funny red cap and wore an XL green gnome outfit, he'd look a lot like .... well, you know who (without his glasses).

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