Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Fed Up - elect someone unknown!

I don't usually talk about politics on Genea-Musings, but I'm fed up with the Republicrats and the Demlicans so I'm deciding to do something about it. War, peace, taxes, economy, immigration, geneology, budgets, debt, gas prices, handouts, global warming, housing, health care, education, you name it - it's all really screwed up. They've really made a mess of it. Common sense and basic principles don't seem to count any more.

I say "fire every person in elected office and choose unknown persons with successful life experiences raising a family, leading a group or a business, someone who will work hard and has a good head on his/her shoulders."

See the video here and tell me if you think this person (unknown to nearly everyone in this great nation) would make a good President.


Mark Tucker said...

I've at least seen a picture of you, but I'd vote for you still. Very funny.

Miriam Robbins said...

Randy, you've got my vote!

SMSWare said...
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JMK said...

Can I be your Vice President? I have said for a long time now that we should put a genealogist in The White House:

Randy said...

Sorry, Randy, I'm not running.

The Other Randy